Róisín Elsafty

Róisín Elsafty Iómhá

The dúchas of Connemara and Mayo lie deep in the singing of Róisín Elsafty. But there is also an echo of the dúchasof North Africa. She has long been recognised, at home and abroad, as one of the most powerful and most magical of traditional singers in Ireland.

Tola Custy

Tola Custy Íomhá

Tola Custy plays fiddle music that is at once both otherworldly and deeply earthed. Born and bred into the musical tradition of County Clare, he has travelled widely, and accordingly encouraged musical channels to flow.

Niamh Ní Charra

A 3145

The concertina and the fiddle are the instruments Niamh Ní Charra makes use of to release her music into the world, music that has enriched us all. There is a strong Sliabh Luachra flavour in her playing, a flavour that nurtured links with Carlos Núñez, the Chieftains and many other international musicians.

8.00 pm Saturday 1st May
Bígí linn!
Concert with subtitles

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Bóthar na Faille,
An Coireán,
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